Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take

Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take

Math problem-solving doesn’t have to be your teaching problem anymore.

What is the most difficult thing about teaching math?  It isn’t the numbers or the calculations.

It’s the word problems.

Do you find yourself saying:

  • My students just don’t read!
  • They get the math, but they just struggle to apply it.
  • I wish my students would stop guessing and show their work.

 The problem-solving problem is solvable.


I remember sitting at a small group table with my students.  We were practicing word problems.  It was NOT going well.  We read the problem together out loud—just to make sure everybody understood.

As soon as the last word of the problem was out of our mouths, each student started to list random numbers and operations.  One enthusiastically exclaimed, “Multiply!”  The girl next to him called out, “27!”  Another girl practically jumped out of her seat, “Subtract the 9!”.

I just looked at them.  None of what they were saying had anything to do with the story problem we had just read.  As I sat there in silence, their anxiety was building.  Each one started pop-corning new ideas.

We needed to slow down.  We needed to understand.  We needed a better strategy.

Introducing the Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take…

In this virtual make-and-take you will learn how numberless word problems can be a game-changer for your students’ problem solving perseverance.

Numberless word problems are a way to help your students practice problem solving in a way that breaks their bad habits.

Students come to your math class with many strategies.  Some of these are great strategies! (High five, 4th grade teacher!)

Some of the strategies are not so good.  Maybe your kids are practically addicted to “key words”, and every time they see the word total everything in sight gets added together.  Maybe they have a strange need to but a square around every number and underline the last sentence of story problem.  Or maybe, just maybe, they have the worse habit of all…no strategy at all!

Numberless word problems provide a strategy to get your students to do all the things you need them to do—at least when they are solving word problems.


So, what exactly is a numberless word problem?  It’s math, we need numbers, right?

Don’t worry, there are numbers—eventually.  Numberless word problems are written in steps.  The first step has no numbers at all.  During each step, a little more information is added.  By the last step, the word problem is back to normal!

Are you ready to give numberless word problems a try?  …Maybe saving your teacher sanity in the process.  The Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take will help you develop an engaging new strategy.  You can get all of these TEKS aligned, skill based numberless word problems ready to print or display:

  • Joining and Removing adding and subtracting decimals
  • Parts and Totals adding and subtracting decimals
  • Groups and Totals multiplying and dividing whole numbers
  • Multi-Step Multiplication multi-step problems that include decimal multiplication
  • Dividing to Decimals multi-step problems that include 5th grade appropriate decimal division
  • Fraction Operations single and multi-step problems involving 5th grade appropriate fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Multi Step, Multi Operations using equations and strip diagrams to solve whole number word problems

In the Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take you will also receive:

  • Learn how to implement numberless word problems in your classroom WITH A BONUS MODEL LESSON VIDEO
  • Receive 60+ pre-written, 5th grade TEKS aligned question sets
  • Receive all pre-written questions in editable Google Slides to make them your own
  • Work mats for teaching strip diagramming skills
  • Learn how to write your own! WITH A BONUS MINI COURSE!

Why Leaf and STEM Learning?

I’m Lauren Helfer the creator of Leaf and STEM Learning educational math resources.  Creating engaging math lessons to help busy teachers do more math teaching and less math prep is what I do!

My years as an instructional math coach and teacher mean that I get what your stuggles and successes as a math educator are like.  I am ready to help you create the solutions you want to implement in your classroom.



An AMAZING resource for RTI! This has helped my students' math reasoning so much!   

--Lisa W.

I love this! It really helps the students truly understand what is going on with the word problem and enhances their learning. Great stuff! 

--Sarah C.

This is a great product. I've been wanting to start using numberless word problems and this really is laid out well. Love the progressions so only a bit of information is added at each step. Really gets the kids thinking! 

--Hilary M.


As you can see, tons of teachers have already tried and loved numberless word problems, but you may still have questions about the Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take:

This is new.  What if I need more help?

No problem!  I think you will have what you need in the mini-course, but if not that’s okay.  You can contact me though my Facebook, Instagram, or email.  With years of instructional coaching experience, I can help.

What if I try it, and it just isn’t my style?

We all have our own teaching styles!  If after purchasing, you realize that the Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take is not a good fit for yours, I can refund you within 7 days of purchase.

I really love this, but I’m used to buying on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Why is this here instead?

Although I sell my numberless word problems on Teachers Pay Teachers, their platform isn’t built for actual courses, just downloads.  Buying the Problem Solving Solutions Virtual Make-and-Take here lets me provide a better experience for you to get the video course materials.  You get all of the numberless word problems, but also the professional development course for the same price.  It’s the same me in both places!

Let’s get those problem-solving problems SOLVED!  Are you ready? 

1 Module

Numberless Word Problems

Problem solving doesn't have to be a problem in your 5th grade math class.  Get ready to create more resilient problem solvers with numberless word problems! 

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