Proportionality Mini Pack

Proportionality Mini Pack

If you are all about standards based, model driven resources, you will want to grab this mini pack of interactive notebooks that cover ALL of the proportional reasoning skills!

These four interactive notebooks are available here for a $10 discount from the normal price to purchase them.  Included you will find:

  • notes
  • practice activities and games
  • quizzes

Each set is available as print-and-go or a Google Slides™ digital interactive version!

Set Details

Ratio and Rates Notebook Set

Half-Page Notes included:

  • Fraction and Decimals
  • Decimals and Percents
  • Fractions and Percents
  • Fraction Decimal Percent Mnemonic
  • Fraction and Percent Strip Diagrams
  • What is a Ratio?
  • Percentages as a Ratio
  • Scaling Ratios
  • What is a Rate?
  • Unit Rates

Practice Activities included:

  • Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, and Percents with Money
  • Ratio Representations Word Problem Practice
  • Buy It! Rate Practice Activity

5-Question Assessments included:

  • Equivalent Fraction, Decimal, Percent Assessment
  • Ratio Assessment
  • Rates Assessment

Proportionality Notebook Set

Half-Page Notes included:

  • Introduction to Proportionality
  • Ratio Tables
  • Graphing Proportionality
  • Tape Diagrams for Proportionality
  • Qualitative Proportionality
  • Quantitative Proportionality (Proportion Equations)

Practice Activities included:

  • Multiple Representations of Proportionality Word Problems
  • Solving Proportion Equations Practice
  • Matching Proportion Word Problems to Equations

Assessments included:

  • Representations of Proportionality (4-questions)
  • Proportionality (5-questions)

Percent Proportions Notebook Set

  • Percent Proportions Mini Book
  • Percent Proportions Problem Solving Questions
  • 5-question Percent Proportions quiz

Measurement Conversion Notebook Set

This set includes half-page notes that fits perfectly in a composition book:

  • Customary and Metric Conversions Reference Pages
  • Using Unit Rates for Conversions
  • Using Ratio Tables for Conversions
  • Using Proportions for Conversions

Two practice activities include:

  • Metric Match Up word problem practice
  • Two Step Conversions customary capacity practice

A 5-question Measurement Conversion quiz is also included!

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Proportionality Mini Pack

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