4th Grade Place Value Virtual Make-and-Take

What if your whole 4th grade place value unit could be planned with a few clicks?Your DREAM 4th grade place value unit could be planned out with all the activities, lessons, and assessments.  Engaging student activities and beautiful lesson plans are READY for you to mix and match to make them YOUR OWN.

You want to be able to do it all: have the lesson plans that your administrators want, the engaging activities your students love, and the rigorous standards alignment in your lessons.


There can be so much to do, that you don’t have enough time to do it the way you ultimately want.  


I know I often spent my whole weekend making the beautiful lesson plans, just to remember that I had forgotten to make the activity that the lesson plan called for.


I was doing the MOST AMAZING lesson when my administrator came in, but I had forgotten to make lesson plans.


The lesson I was teaching was perfectly aligned to the standards, but my kids didn’t understand.


If you are teaching, I know you’ve been there too. But you don’t have to be stuck!

The 4th Grade Place Value Virtual Make-and Take:


  • Create beautiful, personalized lesson plans in minutes.
  • Access a catalog of ENGAGING and ALIGNED activities and lessons.
  • Develop well crafted and perfectly aligned assessments.
  • Choose what YOUR STUDENTS need to master the content.


That would be AMAZING, right?!

No scouring the internet for tons of separate activities just to have them not work cohesively together.

No spending hours trying to type up lesson plans.

No realizing at the end of your unit that you forgot to teach something on your assessment.

No feeling rushed planning as you go with each coming day a mystery.

Plan your whole 4th grade place value unit easily, cohesively, and confidently with a Virtual Make-and-Take!

A virtual make-and-take brings all of the best pieces of every teacher’s favorite type of professional development straight into your living room or classroom!

The 4th Grade Place Value Virtual Make-and-Take includes:

  • EDITABLE, CLICK-TO-ADD lesson plan template
  • 5 MINI-LESSONS with all of the materials you need to teach in person or remotely.
  • 6 TEKS aligned assessments for both pre-assessing and post-assessment
  • A catalog of 20+ activities to engage your students
  • 10 HOMEWORK or practice pages

Get the 4th Grade Place Value Bundle for only $19And even more! 

  • DIGITAL WORK MATS to use for online teacher or in the classroom with your projector!
  • DIGITAL GOOGLE DRIVE versions of many activities in addition to the printable version!
  • EDITABLE version of the post-assessment question bank to create customized assessments for your students!

Why Leaf and STEM Learning?

I’m Lauren Helfer the creator of Leaf and STEM Learning educational math resources.  Creating engaging math lessons to help busy teachers do more math teaching and less math prep is what I do!

My years as an instructional math coach and teacher mean that I get what your struggles and successes as a math educator are like.  I am ready to help you create the solutions you want to implement in your classroom.

Teachers are already using Leaf and STEM Learning place value resources in their classrooms, and LOVING them!

All the work is done for me, and it is user friendly.  

Elizabeth C.

I am so excited to start to use this in my room! Great product!

Noelle F.

This is exactly the resource that my students needed. Thank you!

Dee R.

Do you have questions?

This is new.  What if I need more help?

No problem!  I think you will have what you need in the mini-course, but if not that’s okay.  You can contact me though my Facebook, Instagram, or email.  With years of instructional coaching experience, I can help.

What if I try it, and it just isn’t my style?

We all have our own teaching styles!  If after purchasing, you realize that the 4th Grade Place Value Virtual Make-and-Take is not a good fit for yours, I can refund you within 3 days of purchase.

I really love this, but I’m used to buying on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Why is this here instead?

Although I sell a similar place value bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers, the course like format available here is easier for me to provide you with a greater range of options.  For example, here I can easily add help videos and mixed resource types.

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